Muy Bien Bonita (adjective) – very pretty

Conceived by a young and hip serial entrepreneur, Muy Bien Bonita or MBB reflects its founder’s passion for tasteful, comfortable and practical products. At MBB we have three core beliefs which we stay committed to and this shows throughout our products. They are:

Design that breeds comfort

At MBB, we believe journeys are best taken in style and comfort. Our founder personally fits and test drives each finished pair prior to mass production to ensure that your soles are every bit as happy as your pocket while sashaying around the world.

Philippine-made solemates that benefit local craftsmanship

We have a great passion for supporting local and staying true to the Philippines. As a result each MBB work of art is lovingly handmade by local artisans who span decades of expertise crafting shoes and handbags. Designed for all-day journeys, Muy Bien Bonita shoes are made using versatile and durable materials from sole to top. While our handbags and pursues have been especially designed to last the battles life throws at the everyday filipina.

We are the children of mother earth so natural is everything

Our cosmetics line is focused on what you use on your body should be what nature meant for it. As a result we are committed to ensuring our products are based on natural ingredients to will both highlight your inner beauty while make you feel good.